About the Toronto Starlight Orchestra (TSO)

Professionally managed and staffed by talented vocalists and musicians from the Greater
Toronto Area, the TSO is on the fast track to achieving in a fraction of the time what most
musical organizations take many years to accomplish. Generous sponsorship and experienced
leadership have made it possible for this unique dance orchestra to achieve world-class
standards with an extensive repertoire to please the most discerning clients.

From lively swing, lush ballads and contemporary showtunes to movie themes and jazz standards,
the Toronto Starlight Orchestra is characterized by its warm, lively and engaging performances. With efficient logistical and administrative support, the TSO is also extraordinarily well-equipped with the best available
sound equipment for live recordings and public performances at weddings, corporate functions
and other special events.

This dance orchestra distinguishes itself from contemporary big bands by demonstrating that it is in a class
of its own with its delightful versatility and stylish refinement.

The primary mandate of the Toronto Starlight Orchestra is to support the fundraising activities of major charities and humanitarian organizations. Net proceeds from performances will be donated to international
agencies to alleviate poverty in less developed communities beyond Canada.

Soli Deo Gloria!